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Product code : P1446

Looking for ideas to spark conversations with the children in your program during mealtimes? HighScope’s handy card set, Mealtime Conversations, is guaranteed to get the conversation started as you engage children in thoughtful talk and simultaneously support their language and literacy skills.

Each of the 20 cards in this set provides you with an idea to prompt children’s thinking and talking about their interests and experiences, classroom events and activities, and books and stories you’ve shared with them. Many of the cards also list vocabulary words with child-friendly definitions that you can easily incorporate into your conversations to further support children’s early literacy development.

These durable cards include a snap ring so you can hang the whole set near your classroom’s eating area for inspiration at your next snack- or mealtime.

ISBN: 978-1-57379-790-0

Retail price: USD $7.00 /EACH
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